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Customer communication can change quickly, which requires continuous adjustments to documents such as quotations, letters, invoices and contracts. Are you looking for a tool that can deal with this efficiently? That can meet the complex requirements of your business without having to make expensive IT investments? That reduces the number of template variants to the absolute minimum? That integrates seamlessly with your own IT landscape and which allows you to simply make use of all the possibilities offered by Microsoft’s Word?

We developed DocGen: A smart solution that reduces the costs of complex document layout and makes management transparent again. DocGen prevents a jungle of template variants with one clear template. DocGen is scalable for high volumes and can quickly generate documents both on-premise and in the cloud in PDF, email or HTML formats.

Bert Haenen

Bert Haenen

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About Energy Essentials


The energy transition! The need to make our society more sustainable means that aligning energy demand with energy supply will only become more complex. The field of energy buying and selling is developing at an incredible rate and an increasing number of market players will be wanting to gain access to the spot, term and imbalance market, or even start offering peer-to-peer delivery. However, these processes are often automated in an unnecessarily complex manner and we think things could be done much simpler. That’s why we developed Vertex.

With our Vertex platform , we help existing and new players in the energy market to shape the various complex transitions. Vertex is scalable and modular in design and can be used flexibly for the processes of both suppliers and Programme Responsible Parties (PRPs).

We noticed that many players in the energy market were having difficulty in implementing the many changes in regulations and commercial propositions clearly and quickly in their documents. In our quest to create only the best and most intuitive software, we therefore developed DocGen for them. However, DocGen can also be used outside the energy market for organisations that are struggling with the same problems. We have therefore also made DocGen available as a stand-alone solution for these organisations.